Cap secures $1M pre-seed funding round

Reinventing the venture ecosystem with AI and Data

A single platform for all tools, apps, data and knowledge — everything you need to manage a VC fund in one place.


Our mission

Cap is the venture operating system empowering fund managers and founders with technology that frees up time and focus for innovation and accelerated growth. By automating, simplifying, and reinventing the VC processes, Cap ensures that the venture capital community can concentrate on what truly matters: building the future.

The Venture OS

Cap streamlines and automates key processes for VCs, setting a new standard for operating VC funds. We call it the Venture Operating System.

  • AI Analyst

    With Cap, you get individual specialized AI Analysts for fund ops, one for every single portfolio company, and even each individual investment deal in your pipeline has its own AI Analyst.

  • The App for VC

    Manage all your deals, portfolio companies, investors and fund ops and more in our app or bring Cap’s magic to the apps you already use.

  • API Integrations

    Use our API to supercharge your own platform or build your own integrations. With our API, complex VC workflows become a simple API.

Dealflow from Sourcing to Closing


Streamlined Dealflow

Our intelligent deal inbox gathers and sorts all new and unhandled deals in one place, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. The platform streamlines the process and offers insights to help prioritize and manage deals effectively.

Relevancy Score

Your AI Analyst calculates a Relevancy Score for each deal, combining a myriad of metrics to help you easily evaluate attractiveness and fit with your fund’s strategy. Our AI provides summaries highlighting the most promising aspects.

Deal Analysts

Every time you add a new company or deal to Cap, you're effectively hiring a new team member: an AI Analyst. This AI Analyst is unique to each deal, possessing comprehensive knowledge about the company.


Bring Cap's Magic to Notion, Airtable, Affinity, Pipedrive, or wherever you work. Cap will always keep your data in sync and do its magic wherever you decide to work on your deals.

Not Data-Drowned

Whether it's an update, ownership detail, investment amount, or even that tricky veto right, just ask. Our AI Analyst is always ready to answer. Our AI Analyst provides you with the full picture of everything that has happened in recent months so you are ready and up to speed when you meet with your portfolio companies.

Investor app

Give your LPs an extraordinary experience

Give your LPs access to real-time fund performance data, portfolio updates, automated KYC and onboarding, AI Chatbots that can answer any question about your portfolio, fund and much more.

Fund Operations with a dash of genius and magic.

API and Marketplacefor Extending Cap's Platform

Everyone can build their own applications on our platform, creating a robust platform of tools customized specifically for the venture ecosystem, or use our API as building blocks for a custom platform or integration.


...and much more coming soon

Coming in early 2025

Cap for Startups

AI-driven tools to help founders start, raise, manage, and scale their startups and collaborate closely with their investors from a unified platform.

Coming later this year


Our API for VC is the cornerstone of a modern venture ecosystem. With a simple API call, complex documents like investment agreements materialize in seconds.

Coming later this year

A Reimagined Cap Table

Cap's AI-enhanced and managed cap table. Our innovative platform dynamically tracks equity changes, ensures full legislative compliance across jurisdictions.

Coming in early 2025

Cap for Auditors

Providing auditors or oversight bodies with effortless access to essential data, reports, event logs, and easy access to documentation on LPs, KYC, investments, valuations, markups and more.

Coming later this year

A New Open Standard for Investment Agreements

Cap's Open Standard for Investment Agreements, designed to redefine venture transactions, will streamline investment processes by offering a balanced and transparent framework, ensuring clarity and efficiency in every deal.

Coming later this year

'Hey Cap'

Revolutionizing the way you interact with venture data. Just speak to access deep insights, manage portfolios and deals, or receive instant answers, data, and knowledge about your fund and investments.